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“A friendly, flexible, safe working harbour open to visitors and locals”

The original Harbour was built in 1784, Cromarty Harbour trust was established the same year. The Cromarty Harbour Trust is constituted by two Acts of Parliament and two Harbour revision Orders. A significant addition in 1914 was the Admiralty Pier.  This is currently unsafe and is not used for mooring vessels.

Although one of the oldest working Harbours in this area, for many years the harbour started to fall into decline. A number of projects were started to try to improve the harbour facilities but hit many setbacks before finally in 2004 the CHT achieved success in dredging the basin and installing pontoons.

The original Dredging took the depth on the pontoons to Chart datum +1.5m, however there has been steady silting due to tidal eddies and by the end of the 2007 season the depth was less than Chart datum +.75m.

The Trustees are planning to dredge every five years but this must be self financing using income generated from the pontoon users.

Although Cromarty Harbour is relatively safe, boats moored on the pontoons do experience considerable motion in strong winds from Westerly round to North Easterly. Vessels should ensure they have adequate fendering in place.

Boats entering Cromarty Harbour should also be aware of strong tidal sets on both the Flood and the ebb especially during Springs.

From March 2014, the Cromarty Harbour Trust has implemented new ways of working for all users:

-The harbour is a declining business, we are not building up enough financial reserves, and we will now be running it as if it was in Administration. The harbour will be run by Volunteers, no free berths, no-one is being paid and we will maximize revenue from all harbour assets.

-The Harbour Working group will be running the day to day operations of the harbour (Bill Bound– Chair(07802234305), Barry Pickles(07453695648 – main contact), Doug Kelly (07749281106),  Kenny Macfarlane(07760246904) with Sarah Pern(07746612657) as adviser. Please contact Bill if you wish to volunteer and help us.

For further advice or information on berths contact Barry Pickles on 07453695648 or on VHF Ch 37/16  (not continually manned).

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