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11 August 2023
West Pier Gate

Following on from the overcrowding and antisocial behaviour witnessed last year, access to the outer harbour was restricted in June and since then it has been partially reopened - from 6.30pm to 9.30 pm. We continue to look for opportunities to safely manage more open access and continue to monitor activities on and around the harbour. We now believe it is possible to move further and will therefore open the gate and provide full and continual access from today. 

It is worth stating that our recent experiences have not been perfect. Consequently, we have installed additional temporary fencing to direct fishing traffic away from our high-risk areas.  This isn’t impenetrable but should be sufficient to guide users and ensure safe usage of the harbour for all if obeyed.  More signage has also been posted on the fences.

The onus is on all users, whether pedestrians, boat users or fishing people to ensure that fishing is not causing issues for other users.  Please report any issues by emailing info@cromartyharbour.org.

The harbour is now approaching its busiest period due to increased tourism and more commercial traffic.  It is therefore very important that these protocols are observed. There will still be a need to inspect and clean up the outer pier, especially in preparation for the ferry coming in at night.  If you feel able to help, please do let us know as the volunteer base is very thin.

Once we feel confident that the mackerel have started their migration south, then access will return to as it was before, i.e. unrestricted.  Lastly, we will continue to monitor usage of our harbour in order to manage our risks and obligations to users.

Colin Dickie

Chair, Cromarty Harbour Trust

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